The Quiet Room is based at Fieldgate, a finely equipped recording studio located in Penarth, just outside Cardiff.

For the past ten years Fieldgate has specialised in recording jazz, acoustic, and classical music and is renowned for its first rate video and audio production quality.

Fieldgate is the perfect environment to film and record our special stripped back acoustic versions of your favourite songs.

Complimenting the impressive range of rare vintage microphones and outboard gear is the studio’s Fazioli concert grand piano. We hope to use this beautiful instrument in as many Quiet Room shows as possible.

The bands and artists who feature in The Quiet Room can rest assured that both audio and video quality will be of the highest standard possible. For our audiophile listeners, high quality 24/96 lossless audio files will be available to purchase and download.

In the future, we plan to film special editions of The Quiet Room in larger, visually unique venues,  before a live audience. If you’d like to be part of our pilot show live audience, make sure you are signed up to our mailing list for early ticket access.


Tube Condensers

1x Neumann u47

2x Neumann u67

2x Flea 49

1x Gefell UM900

2x Lawson L47 MkII

2x Lawson L251



2x Gefell m221

2x Schoeps CMC-64

2x Lawson FET47

1x Blue Kiwi

2x Beyer MC740

1x Soundfield SPS422

3x Earthworks TC25


Dynamic / Ribbon

4x Shure SM57

1x Shure SM7b

1x AKG D112

1x Beyer M201

2x Shure Beta 56

2x Coles 4038 (Matched)

1x Royer SF12 (Stereo)

Mic Preamps

DW Fearn VT2

2x Telefunken v72t

Neve 1073DPA

Chandler TG2

Forssell SMP2A

API 3124+

Grace m801

2x UA LA-610

A Designs REDDI



Knif Vari-Mu

Tube-Tech SM2B

Roger Foote P4S

Charter Oak SCL-1

Tube-Tech CLA-1b

2x Amtec PEQ-10

Bricasti M7

Lexicon PCM90




ATC SCM25a Pro


Dangerous Monitor ST

Keyboard / Synth

Fazioli F228 Concert Grand

Fender Rhodes 73 Mk I

Hammond M101

Roland GX700

Access Virus C


Drums (on request)

DW Maple Collectors

Gretsch USA Custom

Yamaha Recording Custom

Ludwig Super Classic (1971)

Canopus Zelkova Snare

Brady Sheoak Block Snare

Ludwig Titanium Snare

Ludwig 402

Zildjian Cymbals